Acerca de Petra Urbana

Acerca de Petra Urbana

Petra Urbana

We are a real estate developing Company who constantly seeks to generate and sustain high return over investment through extraordinary projects.

Our products are born through a deep understanding of the real estate market. We strive to find the preferences and tendencies of each segment to créate high impact products with great acceptance by our clients.

  • Mission

    We are a developing company born with the will to diversify and innovate the real estate market creating added value always focused on providing the best for the consumer taking into account their behaviour and tendencies.

  • Vision

    To change people’s way of living by creating market winning products in the real estate spectrum. To provide quality of life and satisfaction.

  • Values

    Initiative: Innovation driven. Always focusing on the needs of the market.

    Integrity: Building trust and respect for our customers by fulfilling our promises.

  • Solidarity: Focused on creating inclusive products for different segments.

    Teamwork: Empower the collective potential with skills and perseverance, taking care of the working family.

    Community, lifestyle and innovation are our core values.


Raisa Torres Lapiuk

Raisa Torres Lapiuk


Mariela Bogado

Mariela Bogado

General Assistant